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"Seven Sisters" - Vinyl


The 2018 re-print of our debut album.

Limited to 150 of each colour, don't miss out!

If you'd like the vinyl signed, please leave us a message with your order.

Side A:

1. Destiny's Calling (04:35)
2. Highways of the Night (05:16)
3. The Silk Road (04:19)
4. Seven Sisters (07:15)

Side B:

1. Pure as Sin (03:58)
2. Commanded by Fear (04:04)
3. Gods and Men Alike (03:02)
4. Cast to the Stars (06:49)

Released by High Roller Records
Recorded, mixed and produced by Kyle McNeill at Wizard Tower Studios.
Mastered by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony.
Album Artwork by Nick Huck.
Photo by Elyssa Winn.